Land North of Union Lane, Oulton



Welcome to our website, the purpose of which is to inform and provide an opportunity for interested parties to comment on the emerging proposals for land North of Union Lane, Oulton.

The site is allocated for development in the the Waveney Local Plan (2019) and therefore the principle of residential development has been established on site. 



Oldman Homes are in the process of preparing a planning application on the site for 137 dwellings, open space, and associated infrastructure.

"Over the years we have successfully built quality homes in and around the surrounding areas of the county. We have close links to the local area as we live and work within the community. We feel it’s important to provide homes and to create employment with in the surrounding area. We have a vast knowledge of the town which helps to build relationships with local people and businesses. This has helped us to adopt a customary approach to the way we build our homes. We pride ourselves on using traditional methods with the latest building techniques. This helps to create a home that is not only energy efficient but a pleasure to live in."

Further information can be found on their website.



This consultation forms part of Oldman Homes commitment to provide information to the local community and provides an opportunity to comment on the emerging proposals for the development. Following this, the feedback will be taken into consideration and the plans amended where possible.

Please take your time to look through the pages of the website, which contain information on the site, the design proposals and key technical considerations.

We are keen to hear your views, so please fill in a feedback form on our 'Have Your Say' page or alternatively email


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