Land North of Union Lane, Oulton

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The site is situated on the edge of Oulton and comprises an irregular shaped parcel of land, which is bordered by arable fields to the north and west, residential dwellings and Oulton Park Care Centre to the south and the B1375 (Parkhill) to the east.


Ariel view of the site, taken from Google Earth 

The site comprises derelict buildings on the western extent of the site, a historic burial ground to the north west corner, which was used in connection with the former Lothingland Hospital.




The site is allocated for approximately 150 dwellings in the Waveney Local Plan (2019). Oldman Homes are looking to bring forward the development, in line with this policy.


Policy WLP2.14 sets out that the site should be developed in accordance with the following site specific criteria:

  • The site will be developed at a density of approximately 30 dwellings per hectare.
  • Vehicular access should be off Parkhill. An additional pedestrian and cycle access should be provided on to Union Lane. The pavement on Parkhill should be extended to the site entrance.
  • A play space equivalent to a local equipped area for play of approximately 0.4 hectares in size should be provided.
  • If needed at the time of the planning application, 0.09 hectares of land on the site should be reserved for a new pre-school setting.
  • A full site investigation report assessing the risk of ground contamination should be submitted with any planning application.
  • Development should avoid impacts on and enhance the historic burial ground.
  • A Transport Assessment and Travel Plan should be submitted with any planning application.
  • A completed ecological assessment undertaken by a suitably qualified person will be required as part of any planning application.

If required, land for the pre-school setting will be transferred to the Council in accordance with the payment in kind provisions of Regulation 73 of the Community Infrastructure Regulations 2010 (as amended).




The Waveney Local Plan can be found on East Suffolk’s website.


The Residential Development Brief (September 2021) can also be found on East Suffolk's website.

South West border of site, looking North West

Eastern border of site, looking West

Centre of Southern border of the site, looking North

Eastern border of site, looking South